What should I eat for dinner on Father's Day?

Elevate Your Father's Day Dinner with These Luxurious Gourmet Ingredients 

Father's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate with an extraordinary, chef-approved meal at home! If you're wondering what to eat (or cook!) for dinner on Father's Day, and want to treat your dad to something special, our chefs have got you covered.

Whether your dad is a foodie or simply appreciates a good meal, luxurious gourmet ingredients can turn your home-cooked dinner into a professional-level feast.

Here are ten exceptional ingredients available at Four Star Seafood that we source for the Bay Area's top restaurants. Each ingredient is carefully curated by our chefs because we know it will make your Father's Day menu unforgettable.

From prime cuts of steak to fresh oysters and cult-favorite N25 caviar, these ingredients will help you create a memorable meal that shows dad just how much you care!

1. Prime Cuts from Flannery

Flannery Dry Aged Ribeye Steak USDA Prime - 12oz

Dry-aged for maximum flavor, this ribeye is rich, tender, and packed with a robust beefy taste that will impress even the most discerning steak lover.

Flannery Dry Aged NY Steak USDA Prime - 12oz

This New York strip steak is dry-aged to perfection, offering a buttery texture and intense flavor. It's perfect for a special Father's Day dinner.

Flannery Beef Filet Mignon - 8oz

Known for its tenderness, this filet mignon is the epitome of luxury. Cook it to a perfect medium-rare and pair it with a rich red wine sauce for a meal dad won't forget.

2. Incredible Burgers

Akaushi American Kobe Ground Beef - 1lb

For the burger aficionado, this Akaushi American Kobe ground beef offers unmatched juiciness and flavor. Create gourmet burgers that melt in your mouth.

Flannery Ground Beef - 16oz

For a more traditional yet top-tier burger, Flannery ground beef provides excellent texture and taste, ensuring dad's burger is a cut above the rest.

Frozen Salmon Burgers - 10 Pack

For seafood lovers, these salmon burgers are a delightful alternative. They’re flavorful, healthy, and easy to prepare, making them perfect for a casual Father’s Day cookout.

3. Other Luxurious Meat Cuts

Japanese A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Strip Steak - 12oz

Experience the pinnacle of beef with this Japanese A5 Miyazaki Wagyu. Its marbling and richness are unparalleled, making it an extraordinary treat.

Creekstone Tomahawk Steak

This impressive cut is as visually stunning as it is delicious. With its long bone and generous marbling, it’s perfect for grilling and will make a striking centerpiece.

Anderson Lamb Loin Chops - 4ea

Tender and flavorful, these lamb loin chops are ideal for a sophisticated Father's Day dinner. Marinate them with herbs and garlic, then grill to perfection.

Heritage St. Louis Pork Ribs (2-3lbs) - ea

Slow-cook these ribs for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. They’re perfect for a Father's Day BBQ and pair wonderfully with a tangy homemade sauce.

4. BBQ Elevated Hot Dogs and Sausages

Journeyman Sausages

Journeyman sausages offer a variety of flavors that are sure to elevate any BBQ. Whether dad prefers spicy, smoky, or savory, there’s a sausage for every taste.

5. Fresh Oysters

Featuring Blue Points/Bevans (Father's Day Special)

Enjoy the briny, sweet flavor of Blue Point oysters, perfect for a Father's Day celebration.

New and Regular Fresh Oyster Favorites

Don’t forget our professional oyster shucker, oyster shucking blocks, combined set and other chef tools to make shucking a breeze and add a fun, interactive element to your meals!

6. N25 Caviar

N25 Caviar - Oscietra 30g

Elevate your Father's Day with the luxurious taste of N25 Caviar. Its buttery, nutty flavor and delicate texture make it the ultimate gourmet treat.

Shop our full selection of N25 and gourmet caviar and roe here

7. Top-Quality Salmon

Each variety of fresh salmon that we source offers unique flavors and textures, from the rich and buttery Ora King to the lean and flavorful Wild Copper River Sockeye. 

Ora King Salmon Fillets

Known as the "wagyu of the sea," Ora King salmon is rich and buttery with a delicate texture. It's perfect for sashimi or lightly seared to preserve its melt-in-your-mouth qualityIt's a sustainable seafood choice, with Ora King earning Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch's top green ranking as a best choice seafood for the environment.

Ora King Salmon Shanks

This unique cut of salmon is ideal for braising, poaching, grilling, or roasting. Each order includes 2 shanks with a total weight of about 1.2 pounds, perfect for sharing between two hungry diners! Completely free of pin bones, this cut is effortlessly enjoyable. Our Ora King Salmon Shanks are affordable and a fun cut we provide to help home cooks enjoy cooking at home with off-cuts that utilize the entire fish!

Loch Duart Salmon

Loch Duart salmon is sustainably farmed in Scotland and is prized for its clean, sweet flavor and firm texture. It’s ideal for grilling or baking, where its flavor can truly shine.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon is known for its mild flavor and tender texture, making it a popular choice for various cooking methods such as broiling, grilling, and poaching. Sustainably farmed and sourced for its premium quality, this salmon is a staple on the menus of top Bay Area restaurants. While it is not sushi-grade, it shines when cooked, making it perfect for entertaining large groups or as an everyday dinner option at home. Plus, it's budget-friendly, so you can enjoy delicious, high-quality salmon without breaking the bank!

Big Glory Bay King Salmon

Raised in the pristine waters of New Zealand, Big Glory Bay salmon has a robust flavor and firm flesh. It’s excellent for smoking or using in hearty dishes like chowder or casseroles.

Copper River Sockeye Salmon

This seasonal wild salmon is renowned for its deep red color and rich, lean flavor. Best enjoyed simply grilled or roasted to highlight its natural taste. The summer is the best time to enjoy this fish while the fishery season is open up in Alaska, so don't miss out! Dad will love it when prepared with a cedar plank. It's also great in a creamy sun-dried tomato pasta. 

8. Chef-Crafted Kits & Pre-Marinated Seafood

Paella Kit

Bring a taste of Spain to your Father's Day celebration with a complete paella kit.

Grand Sushi & Sashimi Kit

For the sushi-loving dad, this kit has everything you need for an impressive homemade sushi feast.

Ora King Poke Kit and Yellowfin Ahi Poke Kit

Create delicious poke bowls with these kits, featuring high-quality Ora King and Yellowfin Ahi.

Cioppino Kit

Warm up dad's heart with a hearty cioppino, full of fresh seafood and rich flavors.

White Miso Marinated Black Cod - 2 Pack

The dish is both simple and sophisticated, with the miso marinade providing depth to the tender black cod. Chef Ishy marinates each Black Cod fillet with his special recipe, then freezes for freshness and convenience. Simply defrost before preparing for a gourmet meal that embodies fine dining.

9. Lobster

Live Whole Maine Lobsters - 2 lbs

Indulge in the full experience with whole Maine lobsters. Boil or steam them for a classic preparation, or split and grill them for a more adventurous approach. Linked above is our most popular live Maine lobster size which is 2lb. On our website for home delivery, we also offer live Maine lobsters in 1lb, 1.25lb and 1.5lb sizes if you are looking for a one that is smaller! 

Frozen Lobster Tails - 2 ea

If this is your first time preparing lobster at home and you want a beginner-friendly option, try our frozen lobster tails! These succulent lobster tails are perfect for grilling or broiling. They offer a rich, sweet flavor that pairs wonderfully with a simple butter sauce.

10. Shrimp

Jumbo Mexican Shrimp Tails (U10)

These jumbo shrimp are perfect for grilling or sautéing. Their firm texture and sweet flavor make them a standout addition to any meal.

Gulf Shrimp (U12 Head-On) - 1lb

These large, head-on shrimp are ideal for a variety of cooking methods, including boiling, grilling, and steaming. Their robust flavor and texture make them a versatile and delicious choice.

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