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As chefs, hospitality is central to our practice, and we've carried that philosophy into our wholesale business.

The ocean is vast and so is the variety of seafood within it. How do you procure the best seafood for your kitchen? Call us, and we'll walk you through the crazy logistics of the seafood business. We can turn you on to all kinds of exceptional seafood that isn't commonly seen on menus around here.

We are not your everyday fishmonger. We're interested in the difference between good and great.

From our San Francisco warehouse we deliver to the larger Bay Area from the north in Cloverdale through San Jose to Santa Cruz & Gilroy to Monterey & Carmel Coast. From Calistoga, Napa, Sonoma through Oakland to Livermore.

From our El Segundo warehouse we deliver to the Los Angeles area all the way to Las Vegas.

We ship nationally to restaurants all over the country.



When you order your seafood through us, you're buying your fish quite often while it's still swimming.

We have dedicated customer service person available to talk from 7-5pm Mon-Sat. Our owners and reps even answer the phone after hours because they're workaholics like you, chef.

Brainstorm Ideas with us. If you want something we don't carry, we will find our way to get ahold of it.

Late order? If we can deliver it, we will.

No Minimums for delivery: we just ask that you be as respectful as possible, consolidate when you can, and if the time comes, we'll help you out when you're in a pinch.

Four Star

Pristine seafood is our standard. We accomplish this by sourcing superior product and delivering it as quickly as possible.

By building close relationships with the best fishermen up and down the California coast, we’ve become a trusted partner for both our clients and our purveyors.

We buy the majority of our seafood directly from the people who catch it without any middlemen or brokers, and then we deliver it to our clients as quickly as possible. We also bring in seafood from all over the world, where we do our best to purchase from the first receivers. This ensures the freshest quality possible.

Four Star

We specialize in rare ingredients, unique foraged edibles, and premium artisanal products from the US, Europe, and Asia.

Our curated list includes caviar, truffles, salumi, cheese, Japanese delicacies and much more. Many new products are available each week and custom orders are available.

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