Four Star & Capt. Brand Little's Whale Safe Dungeness Crab Program Featured by Eater SF

Eater SF Spotlights Capt. Brand Little & Four Star's Whale Safe Dungeness Crab Program

Four Star and Capt. Brand Little were recently featured in an Eater SF article by Dianne de Guzman highlighting the innovative use of pop-up traps to extend the local Dungeness crab season, aiming to protect marine life and support the local seafood industry. The goal of these new traps is to reduce environmental impact of crab fishing on marine life while ensuring the quality and availability of Dungeness crab for consumers, and protecting the livelihoods of fisherman like Capt. Brand Little who depend on Dungeness crab season each year. When the season is shortened due to whale migration, as it has been in the past couple of years, fisherman who acknowledge the importance of protecting marine life also face difficulties sustaining their livelihood. The piece also showcases the collaboration and support from businesses like ours in promoting sustainable fishing practices by partnering with Capt. Brand Little to make whale-safe Dungeness crab available for wholesale and retail customers. 

To learn more about this initiative and its potential impact on the Dungeness crab and sustainable seafood industries here in the Bay Area, read the full article on Eater SF's website here.

Thank you to Dianne de Guzman and Eater SF for featuring Four Star and our die-hard fisherman friend Capt. Brand Little!

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