Grilled Turbot with Chef Mark Dommen

We challenged Chef Mark Dommen of One Market to create a dish using Turbot, and if you aren’t familiar with this fish, it’s a little guy Mark affectionately calls, “The Granddaddy of Flat Fish.” We’ll take you through his process and share more about the dish he created for us this week.

“Since the Turbot showed up whole I wanted to take advantage of that. The bone structure of turbot makes it a great fish to cook and serve on the bone. Our guests can easily eat it right off the bone and not get frustrated like other fish with small bones. Grilling is a great way to cook fish on the bone, so I immediately wanted to do that. Since Turbot is mild in flavor and quite dense in texture for a flat fish, grilling is definitely your best bet to make this fish shine.”

Step 1:

Remove the tail of the fish with scissors or a knife.

Step 2:

Remove the head of the fish in a semi-circular pattern.

Step 3:

Halve the Fish with a large, sharp cleaver through the spine.

Step 4:

Cut the Turbot in thick slices.

Step 5:

Season with salt and pepper. Turbot does not need to be marinated or basted as with other grilled fish.

Step 6:

Pre-heat your barbecue grill 15-30 minutes before cooking until it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the rack at least 4 inches from the heat source. As a rule, barbecue 10 minutes per inch of flesh thickness.

Step 7:

Once sufficiently hot, place the Turbot skin-side down on the grill.

Step 8:

Turn the fish over halfway through the pre-determined cooking time. Check for doneness with thermometer (145 degrees Fahrenheit) and remove from barbecue.

Choosing Ingredients to Complement Grilled Turbot:

"Once I decided to grill the Turbot, the rest was simple. I chose seasonal produce that would complement the Turbot and not mask the flavor of the fish. This resulted in a bright, fresh creation of summer beans, tomato and tomato broth. I also picked fresh herbs from my garden that morning to really make it pop.”

“Cooking seafood has always held a special place for me especially after I was the “poissonier” for two years at L’Espinasse in New York. The many textures seafood offers are both exciting and challenging to work with especially when working with the lesser-known varieties.”


Meet Chef Mark Dommen! He’s the chef & partner at one of SF’s true culinary institutions –

One Market, located in the FiDi area of San Francisco. Mark Dommen is a unique talent who has spent more than 20 years in the kitchen. After years of classical training with some of the world’s most eminent culinary masters, including Hubert Keller, Gary Kunz, David Burke and Jean-Louis Palladin to name a few, Dommen’s move to head One Market® Restaurant in 2004 marked his exciting return to the San Francisco dining scene. His modern take on American cuisine earned the restaurant a Michelin star in 2008-2012 and a 3 ½ star review from San Francisco Chronicle critic Michael Bauer. Dommen was also named a 2007 “Rising Star.” He describes his approach to cooking as “blending the freshest, seasonal ingredients from California, while using the classic French techniques I have honed from my previous experiences.”

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