Differences Between the Two Types of Persimmons: Fuyu and Hachiya

Dive into the world of persimmons with our two stars: Fuyu and Hachiya!  Each with its unique taste and endless possibilities. Both make an appearance at Bay Area farmer's marketing in the fall and are around in the winter months. It is one of our favorite fruits that reminds us of cooler weater.

See below for our quick reference persimmon guide for home chefs. A short but informative summary on tasting notes and culinary inspiration!

Type 1 - Fuyu Persimmon:

Tasting Notes: Crisp, sweet, and slightly tangy. The Fuyu is your all-season friend, perfect for snacking or tossing into salads.

Preparation Inspiration: Slice and dice for a vibrant fruit salad, or enjoy as a standalone snack. Add to yogurt or oatmeal for a sweet twist.

Type 2 - Hachiya Persimmon:

Tasting Notes: Silky, honey-like sweetness with a pudding-like texture when ripe. A decadent treat when fully softened.

Preparation Inspiration: Let it ripen until soft and scoop out the luscious flesh. Blend into smoothies, or try making a Hachiya persimmon pudding for a heavenly dessert.

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