Delicious and Nutritious: 10 Lingcod Recipes for Home Cooks to Try Today

Our wild hook-and-line caught local Lingcod fillets are always a treat!

Lingcod is a delicious and versatile fish that can be used in various recipes.

Here are ten meal ideas from Four Star's expert in-house chefs and fishmongers that Bay Area home chefs can use for inspiration to make delicious meals at home featuring our ling cod. We will deliver the fillets fresh to your door, you get to create the perfect meal!

10 Meal Ideas Featuring Local Ft. Bragg Lingcod:

  1. Pan-Seared Lingcod with Lemon-Herb Butter: Pan-sear lingcod fillets in a hot skillet with olive oil, and top them with a flavorful lemon-herb butter sauce. Serve with steamed vegetables and a side of rice or quinoa.

  2. Baked Lingcod with Mediterranean Salsa: Bake lingcod fillets with a Mediterranean-inspired salsa made from diced tomatoes, red onions, olives, capers, fresh herbs, and a drizzle of olive oil. Serve over couscous or a bed of greens.

  3. Grilled Lingcod Tacos: Grill lingcod and flake the meat, then serve it in soft corn tortillas with shredded cabbage, avocado slices, salsa, and a squeeze of lime. Add a drizzle of chipotle mayo for extra flavor.

  4. Lingcod Chowder: Create a comforting chowder by simmering lingcod pieces with diced potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, and corn in a creamy broth. Finish with a touch of fresh dill or parsley.

  5. Lingcod Ceviche: Marinate diced lingcod in citrus juices (lime, lemon, and orange) until it "cooks" in the acid. Mix with finely chopped red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and a hint of jalapeno for a refreshing ceviche.

  6. Lingcod Piccata: Dredge lingcod fillets in flour and pan-fry until golden brown. Make a piccata sauce with lemon juice, capers, white wine, and butter. Pour the sauce over the fish and serve with pasta or steamed vegetables.

  7. Coconut-Curry Lingcod: Cook lingcod in a fragrant coconut curry sauce made with red or green curry paste, coconut milk, ginger, garlic, and vegetables like bell peppers and spinach. Serve over steamed jasmine rice.

  8. Lingcod and Asparagus Parcels: Wrap lingcod fillets with asparagus spears in parchment paper or aluminum foil, drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs. Bake in the oven for a light and flavorful dish.

  9. Lingcod Fish and Chips: Create a homemade version of fish and chips by battering and frying lingcod fillets until crispy. Serve with homemade fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.

  10. Herb-Crusted Lingcod with Roasted Vegetables: Coat lingcod fillets with a mixture of breadcrumbs, fresh herbs (such as parsley and thyme), and a touch of grated Parmesan. Bake in the oven alongside an assortment of roasted vegetables for a well-balanced meal.

Remember to adjust the ingredients and cooking times based on the specific size of your lingcod fillets and your personal preferences.

Enjoy your culinary adventures with this versatile fish!

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