Discover the Sustainable Delight of Laughing Bird Shrimp Raised in Costa Rica

Our fishmongers are excited to introduce Bay Area home chefs to CleanFish's Laughing Bird Organic Frozen U36-40 Tail Off Peeled, Deveined and Cleaned Shrimp, sustainably and responsibly raised in Costa Rica! These shrimp are not only good for you and pristine in taste, but they're also good for the planet.

If you're looking for a sustainable and delicious option for shrimp, look no further than Laughing Bird Organic Frozen Shrimp, of course! These shrimp come from the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica, where they are sustainably raised in pristine waters and harvested with care.

What makes these shrimp special is their unique farming method. Laughing Bird Shrimp are raised in low-density ponds, which means there are fewer shrimp in each pond than in traditional shrimp farms. This allows the shrimp to grow more slowly and develop a sweeter, richer flavor. Additionally, the ponds are carefully managed to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment and ensure the health of the shrimp.

Once harvested, the shrimp are carefully cleaned, peeled, and deveined by hand. They are then flash-frozen to preserve their flavor and texture, and shipped directly to your doorstep. This means you can enjoy high-quality shrimp even if you don't live near the coast.

Here are some key facts about Laughing Bird Organic Frozen U36-40 Tail Off Peeled Deveined Cleaned Shrimp:

  • These shrimp are certified organic by Naturland, a leading organic certification organization.
  • They are also certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), which sets standards for responsible aquaculture practices.
  • Laughing Bird Shrimp are rated "Best Choice" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, which evaluates the environmental impact of seafood.
  • U36-40 refers to the size of the shrimp. This means there are between 36 and 40 shrimp per pound, and they are considered large.
  • The tail has been removed from these shrimp for convenience, but the meat is still intact.
  • The shrimp are already cleaned, peeled, and deveined, which saves time in the kitchen.

Now that you know more about Laughing Bird Organic Frozen U36-40 Tail Off Peeled Deveined Cleaned Shrimp, you might be wondering how to prepare them.

Here are some tips:

  • Thaw the shrimp in the refrigerator overnight before cooking.
  • Rinse the shrimp under cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.
  • For best results, cook the shrimp quickly over high heat. They can be sautéed, grilled, or boiled.
  • Try seasoning the shrimp with garlic, lemon, and herbs for a simple and delicious meal.

Overall, Laughing Bird Organic Frozen U36-40 Tail Off Peeled Deveined Cleaned Shrimp are a high-quality and sustainable option for home chefs who care about the environment and want to enjoy delicious seafood. Whether you're making a simple shrimp cocktail or a complex seafood dish, these shrimp are sure to impress. Order yours today from Four Star Seafood and taste the difference for yourself.

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