Chef-Quality Ingredients to Make a Delicious Poke Bowl at Home

Who loves poke? We do! In fact, our chefs are such poke fans that we carry a lot of amazing ingredients that are perfect for a DIY poke bowl in your own kitchen. What's fun is that once you order these ingredients, you'll have them handy in your kitchen and can get adventurous (and inspired) to use some for other seafood meals.

Let's get into the good stuff. Here are our recommendations for products that we source for Bay Area restaurants that you can also order for home delivery via our website and cook with at home.


  1. Wakame Salad: Make a fresh seaweed salad using any of our restaurant-quality seaweed varietals, like Ogo, Sea Lettuce, Dulse, or Dashi Kombu. You can see all of our current seasonal varieties available for home delivery in our seaweed collection online.
  2. Tobiko: Flying Fish Roe is the perfect poke bowl topper! Our seasoned flying fish roe is acclaimed by chefs, and one of the best around to up your poke bowl game.
  3. Uni: Santa Barbara Sea Urchin, also referred to as Uni, is so decadent on top of a poke bowl. It's referred to as butter of the ocean for a reason. Pristine and light yet savory on the palette. A must try for a real extravagant poke bowl experience that will leave you and everyone lucky enough to be at your table craving more. 
  4. Crab Meat: Our picked Dungeness Crab Meat is a great way to pile on the protein, and it goes swimmingly well with other seafood as your main if you want to use it as an enhancement. Our fishmongers do all the hard work for you, so there's no cracking, cleaning or even cooking, needed! Talk about easy and fresh. Just open and pile on the fresh crab. 
  5. Soy Sauce: We love Artisan Fermentary's 3-Year Aged Soy Sauce because of it's funky-flavorful profile. The award-winning matriarch of the family behind Artisan Fermentary creates her ganjang (soy sauce) using only fermented Korean-grown soybeans, sea salt, and water. Aged for at least three years in traditional Korean earthenware urns, this ganjang has a nose similar to Stilton cheese, with a deep umami flavor that is well balanced and not very salty. We have started using this as our go to soy sauce in seasoning dishes, as part of dipping sauces, and as a base for dressings. It was made to add flavor and richness to Poke bowls, too!
  6. Yuzu Juice: Once you discover the wonders of cooking with Yuzu Juice at're life will be changed forever! Desired by the worlds finest chefs and mixologists, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Juice, Marugoto Shibori (In Its Natural State) is a first press using the whole fruit, capturing the intense floral aroma and tart flavor qualities of ripe Yuzu Fruit. Our exquisite Yakami Orchards Yuzu Juice is a vibrant ingredient perfect for superb Cocktails and Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Vinaigrettes, Sashimi, Ceviche, Sauces, Vegetables and Desert or whenever a splash of Yuzu Citron will create the complexity of flavor you desire in whatever creation demands the BEST.
  7. Wasabi: Fresh Wasabi is essential! We have lots of options for your poke bowl, from more extravagant to plug and play. Go all out with our locally-sourced Fresh Half Moon Bay Wasabi Root and Alumite Wasabi Grater or Wooden Wasabi Grater with Shark Skin. We also source pre-grated Japanese Wasabi which is a great ready to go option if you're looking for something a little quicker with less prep. Although, you really need to try grating your own wasabi every once in awhile. While a bit pricer option, poke bowl aficionados will be blown away. This is a great way to take things up a notch for a special occasion meal!
  8. Sushi Kit: Did you know that you can order our Sushi Kits with the seafood only? This is a great starter option to get you up and running with our top selection of sushi-grade fish at the moment. Mix a couple of the sea creatures included together for a fun and fancy poke bowl bar at home.
  9. Ahi Poke Bowl Kit for Two: Exactly what it says! Everything you need for the perfect Ahi Poke Bowl at home. Fit for two hungry eaters. You get instructions with step-by-step guidance from our pro chefs and expert fishmongers on how to make your poke bowl. This is a great started option to get you acquainted with and more comfortable with the idea of creating your own poke. Then you can shop our site armed with more poke bowl experience, and try ordering ingredients on your own a la carte to switch things up.

See, it's easy to cook and #ShopLikeAChef when you have more information about (and access to) different products that the pros have been using for decades.

Discover more chef-approved ingredients under the "Asian Specialty Ingredients" collection here on our website. Everything listed is available for same day or next day home delivery. Happy exploring!

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