Wolfe Ranch Quail

Wolfe Ranch Quail - 2ea (12oz per bird)


 2 birds per package.

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Wolfe Ranch Farm

Location: Vacaville, CA

About: Brent’s free range quail are selectively bred and fed a high-protein grain diet with no hormones or antibiotics. Allowing seven weeks for the quail to mature leads to a flavorful bird that are larger than average.

"I have dedicated my life to perfecting my product. I control all aspects of my operation from raising the eggs, running the hatchery, growing the quail, processing with my CDFA licensed plant (allowing me to ship nation-wide) and delivery to the finest restaurants
in California and beyond. I’ve expanded a customer base that started with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse to include Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller."

Fully bone-in, 12oz average per bird, 2 birds per package. Tender and subtly gamey.

California's state bird is delicious served any way a chicken can be cooked, be it grilled, fried, roasted, or pan roasted. It be served lightly undercooked as the meat can dry out easily.

Fantastic soaked in buttermilk and fried a la State Bird Provision's signature namesake dish.

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