Wangshin Fish Sauce - 5oz


"A perfect alternative to salt as it brings richer savory flavor and contains much less sodium than salt."

Fermented for 24 months in traditional Korean clay pots, Wangshin's fish sauce perfectly complements the flavor of Asian dishes.

Each 5 fl oz bottle offers a healthy and flavorful alternative to salt, with lower sodium content and a richer savory taste. This natural and nutritious seasoning can enhance any dish, from Thai cuisine and kimchi to soup and salads.


Unlike most factories, Wangshin does not use external pressure in the production process, instead relying on natural gravity to extract the purest and lightest flavors.With a meticulous harvesting process of one drop per day, this aged fish sauce is full of amino acids and made only with natural ingredients from South Korea. Plus, it is free of cholesterol, fat, and MSG, with absolutely no additives. Discover the difference in color and taste with Wangshin's exceptional fish sauce.

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