Tuna Mojama - 500g


Mojama tuna is a Mediterranean delicacy consisting of a filleted salt-cured tuna. It's made only with the most premium grade tuna loin and caught off the coast of Spain. Each loin is aged in sea salt for about 48 hours, and then left to air dry and cure. 

Mojama tuna is considered the "jamón of the sea" due to its rich and complex flavors, and exclusive presence in Spain and the global market. Truly, an out of this world flavor profile.

This tuna is classified as "Mojama de Isla Cristina," a label that endorses and controls production to guarantee the careful processing of specially selected tuna.

This grade of mojama is "extra" because it comes from the most prize part of the tuna muscle, giving it a softer texture and less marked marbling. 

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