Santaka Shichimi Togarashi Shichimi - 10.58oz

Shichimi Togorashi is a traditional 7 spice blend that traces its history back to at least the 17th century.  Bansho chili, Sansho pepper, and byakukyo ginger give it this spice blend a spicy kick that we think you are going to love!  Try dusting it on grilled vegetables and meat after they are finished cooking, folding it into an aioli, or sprinkle some on some popcorn for a quick and gourmet snack!


Product of Japan
Ingredients: Bansho Chili, Chimpi Mandarin Orange, Goma Black Sesame, Sansho Pepper, Byakukyo Ginger, Shiso Leaf, Otane Hemp Seed
Allergen: Contains Sesame Seeds

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