Four Star Seafood

Takuko White Shoyu (750ml)







Water, Wheat, Sea Salt, Fermented Alcohol, Soybeans



Contains wheat and soy ingredients.


Made from coarsely milled roasted wheat that is mixed with steamed soybeans and inoculated with a special type of rice mold called koji, this soy sauce has a subtle flavor that can be used in salad dressings and marinades. It’s also the perfect accompaniment for fish and vegetables.


Takuko White Shoyu is a rare ingredient with a long tradition in Japan. Soybeans are added late in the brewing process to keep the color a light amber color, clearer and thinner than dark soy sauce.


Ideal accompaniment to sashimi and sushi. A subtle addition to seafood delicacies, clear soups, tofu, and organic vegetables.


Combine with restraint with olive oil, white wine, vinegar, or herbs to create wonderful dressings and marinades.


Used by the most discerning to elevate flavor and not overwhelm

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