Brokaw Farms

Star Ruby Grapefruit (Organic) - 1 lb


Rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants and flavor, we love to work Star Ruby grapefruits into salads and cocktails!

With the darkest segments of grapefruit varieties (the reddest parts tend to be the sweetest!), this grapefruit has few seeds and a sweet-tart flavor that does well in both sweet and savory preparations. Cut them in half, sprinkle with sugar and brûlée under the broiler for a sweet, crunchy breakfast (or dessert if served with custard or ice cream). The juice makes a beautiful sorbet and is a great hit of both sweet and tart in cocktails or mocktails. The segments are hearty enough to handle being cut into small dice for fish crudos using meaty fish such as Halibut or ceviches with shrimp.

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