Four Star Seafood

Salmon Collars - 1 lb

These are cut fresh every morning from our Wild King Salmon or Atlantic Salmon.
Origin: New Zealand
Method of Capture: NA
Wild or Farmed: Farmed
By using these collars, no part of the fish is wasted! This elimination of food waste has nutritional, environmental and economic benefits.
This is a cut of the fish which includes the stiff pectoral fin, parts of the belly and a sizable piece of meat covered in a fat cap under the gills. Fast becoming a 'chefs cut' of meat, it is prized for its moistness and flavor, as well as inexpensive price. Because of the fat cap, the meat is likely to stay moist during cooking.
The collar of most fish takes well to marinades, rubs and grilling. The grilling actually crisps the skin and can break down the small bones so that they are chewable. Because of the usual fat content of salmon with the extra fat from the cap and the belly, they BBQ beautifully and can even be rubbed, basted and eaten like baby back ribs!
Store your seafood in the coldest part of the refrigerator at 32 degrees for up to 3 days.
In the refrigerator we recommend removing the fillets from their packaging and wrapping them carefully in 2 layers of paper towels to absorb any moisture and firm the fish up for cooking and consuming.
If you don’t plan to consume the fish within 3 days, simply place in the freezer.
To thaw: place seafood in the refrigerator overnight.

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