New Zealand

Red Sea Bream (NZ) 1-2lb each

Ike-Jime Whole Red Sea Bream comes scaled & gutted- Ready to Cook!
Origin: Leigh, New Zealand
Method of Capture: Long-Line
Wild or Farmed: Wild
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium "Good Alternative" Certified
  • Friend of the Sea Certified
  • Managed under the NZ Quota Management System
  • Golden Scales with light bue spots
  • Pinkish flesh that cooks up white with medium flake and texture
  • Sweet flavor
  • Roast for smaller fish
  • On-skin application for larger fillets
  • Best complimented with exciting flavors such as ginger, chili, coriander & coconut
  • Rich in amino acid glycine and protein
After the fish are lifted from the water, they undergo the traditional Japanese process of "Ike-Jime." Fish are humanely killed with a quick spike to the brain. The Ike-Jime process draws blood from the gut cavity and away from the flesh, resulting in a cleaner taste, After Ike-Jime, the fish are plunged directly into an ice slurry, where they enter a gentle prolonged state of rigor mortis, which preserves the freshness of their flesh. The fish are then transferred and packed into insulating Iki Bins on a bed of ice, belly-side down to prevent ice-burn and discoloration. The resulting bright eyes, red gills, superior shelf life and pristine taste are why the most discerning connoisseurs from around the globe consider "Ike-Jime" seafood "sashimi grade."

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