Ramen - 25oz


Basic ramen noodles are made from four ingredients:
wheat flour, purified water, salt and kansui
(sodium and potassium carbonate mixture that gives ramen its unique texture).

First thing’s first: they temper their wheat flour and dissolve salt and kansui in purified water. These steps ensure they have a consistent starting point and perfect conditions for noodle production. They let our dough sheets rest for a bit, allowing gluten to form. That gives the ramen a springy texture and pleasing chewiness. The dough sheets are sprinkled with “uchiko,” or dusting flour, then cut to their desired length and width. At this point, they take their recognizable shape, but they must be properly tempered and aged to reach their final form.
Noodles are tumbled into single-serving balls and packaged, tempered, then aged in the refrigerator. *This product has been frozen from fresh pasta without being dried*

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