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Paella Kit For Two


Bring the taste of Spain and incredible seafood into your own kitchen with our Four Star exclusive Paella Kit for Two! 


Each kit includes*: 4ea U10 head on shrimp, 8ea clams, 10ea mussels, 1 chicken leg separated into drumstick and thigh, 2” Chorizo secco, 2 cups Chicken stock (16 oz), 2 cups Lobster stock (16 oz),  2TB finely chopped garlic, 4TB Minced yellow onion, ½ cup Early Girl tomato puree, pinch of Saffron, 1.5 cups Bomba Rice, 1 tsp Spanish paprika, 4TB Spanish olive oil (8 oz container).

Optional add on: Select WITH or WITHOUT Paella Pan. Ours is an authentic 15" steel pan from Spain coveted by Master Chefs. The pan is magnetic (works for induction stoves). A critical component to the perfect final result. If you already have a 15" pan, you can buy the kit without it! As with any raw steel pan, it requires some care: you must dry the pan right after washing it and then rub the inside with a little vegetable oil to prevent rusting. If the pan does rust, a few passes with steel wool takes it right off.

You'll need: 1/3 cup white wine, sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste

*Please note: ingredients are pre-portioned but not measured exactly to the recipe provided. You may have excess of certain ingredients, just for good measure! Feel free to repurpose any extra amounts of the ingredients provided for another meal.

About Our New Paella Kit for Two

This carefully crafted kit includes everything you need to easily make an authentic and delicious paella, without having to be a professional chef, set foot in a restaurant, or book a plane ticket to Spain! It's so much easier to cook an incredible paella than you probably think.

Savor the flavors of tender U10 head-on shrimp, plump mussels, and succulent clams, combined with juicy chicken and savory Chorizo secco. Our kit also includes premium-quality chicken and lobster stock, infused with the aromatic essence of garlic, onion, and Early Girl tomato puree, enhanced with a pinch of saffron and Spanish paprika. We source the best Master Chef approved ingredients, so you can enjoy a truly restaurant-quality meal at home.

We've even made it easy to upgrade your kit with an authentic 15" paella steel pan, so you can achieve perfect results every time! Simply choose the "WITH" option from the drop-down menu to add it to your order.

Our generous serving size provides enough for two to three people to enjoy, with a printed recipe and cooking instructions included in every kit. For added convenience, you can also access our virtual recipe guide on our blog, complete with step-by-step instructions and mouthwatering pictures.

At Four Star, we're proud to offer high-quality kits that make it easy to create exceptional dishes in your own kitchen. Our Paella Kit is no exception - it's the perfect way to elevate your next dinner party, date night, or any night! Order yours today and experience the magic of paella, made simple.

four star paella kit ingredients on a cutting board
Four Star Paella Kit Contents & Ingredients List

15” paella pan
2TB Finely chopped garlic
4TB Minced yellow onion
2” Chorizo secco
½ cup Early Girl tomato puree
Pinch Saffron  
2 cups Lobster stock (16oz)
2 cups Chicken stock (16oz)
1.5 cups Bomba Rice
1 tsp Spanish paprika
4TB Spanish olive oil (8 oz container)
1 Chicken leg separated into drumstick and thigh
4ea U10 head on shrimp
4ea Littleneck clams
6ea Salt spring mussels

You’ll need:
⅓ cup White wine

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

To prepare ingredients:

Using a food processor or a coarse grater, chop up the chorizo secco until it’s crumbled.
four star chef using food processor to grind up chorizo in a kitchen

chorizo in a glass bowl
In a small sauce pot. Simmer both the lobster stock and the chicken stock together with the saffron until it takes on a nice yellow hue.

 melting frozen stock in a saucepot

chicken and lobster stock in saucepan with saffron
While the stock is thawing, mince your onion and finely chop your garlic.hands and knife dicing onion on a cutting board

chef hands dicing a quarter of an onion

hands dicing garlic

hands chopping garlic on a cutting board

Rinse the chicken leg and pat dry. Season with salt and pepper. Add 2TB olive oil to the paella pan. Over medium heat, brown the chicken pieces on all sides. browning chicken leg and thigh in a paella panRemove the chicken from the pan.

Using the same paella pan. Add 2TB olive oil. Add the Garlic, onion, and chorizo. Cook and stir over medium-low heat. chorizo onion garlic olive oil in a paella pan over medium heat

paella base in a paella panUse a wooden spoon or heat proof spatula to pick up and dissolve the small browned pieces from the chicken. Let the mixture cook out slowly. Sprinkle with paprika. It will release some moisture as it cooks, and then the oil will come out of the mixture. Add the tomato and continue to cook until the oil comes out again.sprinkling paprika on paella pan

adding a cup of tomato to paella pan

paella base with tomato being mixed with a wooden spoon

Add the rice. Mix everything together well. Add the white wine and let the rice absorb it.adding rice to the paella pan mixing rice in the paella pan adding white wine to the paella pan

Add the stock all at once and bring to a boil still on the stovetop. Taste for seasoning and adjust with salt to taste.adding lobster and chicken stock to the paella pan

stirring stock into the paella with wooden spoon

Place the chicken in the center of the pan, then arrange the shrimp, mussels, and clams around.adding chicken high and leg to the paella pan hands adding clams to paella pan adding clams mussels shrimp to the paella pan

Bring the pan to a boil again and transfer to the oven for 20-30 minutes until the liquid is absorbed and the shellfish is open.bringing paella pan from the stovetop to the oven (Ours was in at 6:57 pm. and came out of oven at 7:28 pm. That's 31 minutes.) finished paella sitting on the stovetop At this point it is ready to serve with lemon wedges and garlicky aioli on the side. Enjoy

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