Morro Bay, CA

Pacific Gold Reserve Oysters - 12pc


Introducing New Pacific Gold Reserve Oysters

Once only sold direct, Four Star Seafood's fishmonger team brought this popular West Coast oyster to restaurants via an exclusive partnership with Morro Bay Oyster Farm, located along California's central coast.

Now home chefs can get this sought-after oyster delivered to their door!

Grown between SF and LA, these tumbled oysters are truly special. Nicely manicured with deep cup shells. 

In terms of flavor, for comparison, our chefs and fishmongers often think of these as the local Kusshi. Definitely a saltier oyster, but in a really good way. Especially if you prefer oysters with a salt forward profile, these are a must try.

12 count oysters per order. These arrive fresh in shell (as do all of our fresh oysters).

Make sure you have a good shucking knife handy! Our oyster shucking blocks are another pro tool that will save your hands, and make for an enjoyable oyster experience at home. Shop all of our fresh oysters available for home delivery here!

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