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Oregano Flower Buds - 0.49oz


Oregano is a perennial herb with white or lilac-hued flowers. While the leaves are harvested and dried for flakes, the buds—picked at their peak aroma, right before bloom—offer a more delicate flavor. Our whole oregano buds flourish in the arid summers and mild winters of Denizli, Turkey, producing a spicy, hoppy twist when added to your meal.

Glass Jar Net Weight: 0.49oz

No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers, No MSG or Salt


Whole Oregano Buds


Denizli, Turkey

The flowers bloom year-round in Denizli, Turkey, a town known throughout the western Aegean region for its luxuriant gardens. Everything from old-growth olive trees with twisted trunks to delicate lilac vitex flourishes in the mild climate and nutrient-rich soil of this fertile plain. Oregano loves the sun, so it’s no wonder both wild and cultivated plants thrive in the arid summers of Denizli, producing tiny, pinecone-shaped buds that bloom in bouquets of white, pink, or light purple flowers.


  • Give the buds a crush between your fingers before sprinkling directly on to your food like pizza or throw them into sauces, stews or broths.
  • The flavors release best through water.

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