Mieli Thun

Mieli Thun Coriander Honey - 250g


Producer: Mieli Thun

Location: Vigo di Ton TN, Italy

Flavor Profile:

The nose has a strong personality, reminiscent of gingerbread and gomasio, with a lightly smoked note, and at the finish a fresh note of quince rind and coconut milk. The taste is well balanced between savory and sweet, with a refreshing and persistent citrusy finish. This monofloral honey has been derived from coriander plants cultivated for their seeds and used primarily as a spice.


In combination with egg dishes and fried food.

Recommended Uses:

As an ingredient in a spicy marinade for grilled meats, with vinegar and spices in a chimichurri to baste the asado as it cooks, with fresh minced thyme to chicken and add flavor to pan drippings of roast beef and game. 

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