Mancini Fusilli - 17.6oz


Mancini produces pasta using only two ingredients: durum wheat that is grown on their own fields surrounding the pasta factory and water. It is cut using a traditional bronze die and then slowly dried at temperatures below 55°.

The word Fusilli is derived from the Italian word "fuso" meaning spindle.  It had a corkscrew-like helical shape and is a very versatile pasta shape.  Its ridges and grooves allow sauces to adhere to it well, and is perfect for pasta salads and pesto sauces. 

Producer: Mancini


Location: Italy


Details: Fusilli have a length of 40 mm and a diameter of 12 mm.


Ingredients: Semolina and water


Cooking time: Between 8 and 10 minutes.

Mancini produces their classic line pasta only using the durum wheat that they grow and harvest every year in the fields surrounding their pasta factory, following the Good Agricultural Practices. Semolina and water are the only two ingredients. They use circular bronze dies to shape their pasta and then they dry it at temperatures below 55°C. It takes about 23-25 hours for their short pasta cuts and up to 44-46 hours for their long pasta cuts.

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