Losada 3 Olive Mix (Pitted) - 168g

The three olive blend offers a pre-made mix of distinct Spanish varieties perfect for an out of the jar appetizer, an ingredient for any mixed olive culinary preparation or for tossing with a house made marinade. To ensure optimal flavor and texture each variety is cured separately in a natural saltwater brine before being combined in a blend balancing the fruitiness of Cornicabra with the slightly bitter flavor of Aloreña and the herbaceous notes of Cuquillo.

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Marques de Valdueza
Extremadura, Spain
From the same producer as our Marques de Valdueza oil, the olives for Merula are from the second harvest of the year. The added time on the trees gives this oil its characteristic flavor and a higher smoke point. The name Merula comes from the Latin word for yellow-beaked black bird, a bird that populates the Alvarez de Toledo family estate.
Morisca, Arbequina, Picual, and Hojiblanca
This oil is characterized by a buttery feel that fills the mouth, as well as distinctive notes of green olives, cut grass, green almond and dried fruit.
A perfect oil for cooking or for finishing vegetable, meat, and even desserts.

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