Loch Duart Salmon Fillets(6oz)-2ea


Loch Duart is an impressive, sushi-grade, sustainable Atlantic Salmon.

Raised from wild Scottish ancestors, Loch Duart's Atlantic Salmon grow up to three months longer than average in crystal clear waters. With a natural as possible diet and space to swim, each fish grows fitter and healthier every day. The result is clear in its wild like salmon features: its eye-catching color, strong torpedo shape, and firmer texture. And of course, a taste that's sought-after by the best chefs in the world.
Loch Duart is the only salmon farm in the world to become Ikejime Quality Certified. Ikejime is a set of Japanese techniques used to harvest and ensure the maximum eating qualities of the fish are preserved. Obtaining this certification means that this sushi-grade sea creature is an expectational choice for sashimi and other raw preparations like crudo.

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