San Francisco Bay

Anchovies (local) - 2lb


We pick these up live at the dock every single morning and deliver to you just hours later! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: we buy these live on the morning of your order, but they do not arrive to your door live!

Origin: San Francisco Bay

Method of Capture: Nets

Wild or Farmed: Wild
American anchovy stocks are currently not rated by Seafood Watch but are rated abundant by NOAA
These small, whole fish do not come deboned or gutted. Fresh anchovies are a completely different taste experience than canned, salted anchovies with which most people are familiar
After deboning and gutting (which is a much simpler process than it would appear), they are delicious brined and marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and garlic (as Boquerones). They can also be delicately pan fried, breaded and deep fried, or used directly in a tomato sauce or on a pizza.

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