Hot-Smoked Trout (Maine) - 8oz


Two hot smoked ribless fillets

Unopened, shelf life is 31 days from date of thaw under refrigeration and 3 months when frozen.

"Ducktrap River of Maine produces some of the finest smoked seafood available anywhere. Using the best modern European smoking technology combined with traditional, curing and smoking methods, our products can enhance any wholesale selection, retail display, or restaurant menu. Our smoked fish products contain no artificial coloring or flavoring. Instead, we use the flavor of brine, herbs, natural sweeteners, and spices in combination with the savory smoke of northern fruitwoods and hardwoods. To ensure a longer shelf life, we rely on the freshness of the fish and shellfish that we smoke—not on chemical preservatives. We use a fresh brining solution for each batch of fish prior to smoking which results in a low salt content and exceptional fresh flavor. The following pages of product description are intended as a guide for you to follow when deciding on which products to use. We welcome your comments and would enjoy discussing your smoked seafood needs." Ducktrap River 

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