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Delicata Squash - 2 lbs


The easiest squash to prepare and cook, no need to peel! Try them split down the middle and filled with a wild rice and sausage stuffing or simply sliced and roasted with brussels sprouts and a brown butter vinaigrette for a real fall treat!

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McGinnis Ranch

Location: Watsonville, CA


Sandi McGinnis-Garcia, and Sara Evett, mentored by Howard McGinnis, along with 7 full-time employees.



17.5 acres in Watsonville, about 99 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


Farm History

Howard started the farm in 1968. He is mentoring his daughter, Sandi, and his granddaughter, Sara, to pass on the many hard-learned lessons of the trade. Sandi and Sara wish to continue farming, keeping all the long-time employees. All products are directly marketed through farmers markets. 



California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since summer 2019



The farm’s soil fertility is maintained by cover crops, compost, and crop rotation. They have a diligent weed management regime and add hedgerows and beneficial insect attracting plants for pest management.


Water Use

Mostly drip irrigation, and some sprinkler irrigation from the 2 deep wells on the farm.


Weed Control

As much as possible, Howard controls his weeds with hand and machine cultivation, and burning with a propane torch. He does use some herbicides as well.


Pest Management

Howard uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that includes beneficial insects, crop rotation and some pesticides. All of his produce is pesticide free.



McGinnis Ranch lies in the Elkhorn Slough Watershed. The Elkhorn Slough is the largest tidal estuary outside of San Francisco Bay and home to many plant, animal, and bird species.



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