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Anderson 4-Bone Frenched Lamb Rack - ea


Blessed with 45–60 inches of annual rainfall and a temperate coastal climate, the Willamette Valley is the grass-seed capital of the world. Right in the heart of that lush green utopia, Reed Anderson raises grass-fed lamb on the vertically integrated 1,000-acre Anderson Ranch. The Anderson family has been running animals on this land for five generations.

The Willamette Valley’s perfect growing conditions eliminate the need for supplemental feed. The Anderson’s grass-fed lambs graze on pasture throughout winter into May. Come summer, they forage un-farmed native pine and fir groves. The lambs roam free, eat when they’re hungry, breed on their own and grow according to the rhythms of nature.

Reed is a pioneer of vertically integrated ranching —owning the land, the lamb, and the abattoir— and was an inspiration for starting Cream Co. Anderson animals are humanely processed at the ranch’s onsite Temple Grandin-designed serpentine ramp abattoir. The experience is low stress from start to finish, which has a lasting effect on the grass-fed lamb’s texture and flavor.

Dorset, Suffolk, Hampshire, Coopworth, and Romney
Pasture, native grasses
Willamette Valley, OR
Certified Humane

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