Ft. Bragg

Cracked and Cleaned Dungeness Crab


Cooked, Cracked and Cleaned local Dungeness Crab!

Let our fishmongers do the hard work so you can enjoy! After cooking each live crab on the morning of your order, we take it a step further, and fully clean and pre-crack the crab for you. Arrives ready to eat!

You will get two sides of one crab per order.

Price is per one whole crab. 

PLEASE NOTE: Weight per crab is 1.75# live. After going through the cooking, cleaning, and cracking process, each crab weighs roughly 0.75# when it arrives to you. This is due to natural shrinkage during the preparation process. It would be the same as if the crab was delivered to you live, and you cooked it at home -- but we take care of all that for you!



Origin: California

Method of Capture: Pots

Wild or Farmed: Wild

Good Alternative MSC
Cooked Dungeness Crabs will have a bright orange, pink shell. They have a sweet, delicate, and a slight nutty flavor. This is the crab everyone on the West Coast waits for in the winter!
Cooked Dungeness Crab and be enjoyed as Crab Louie or just picking the meat from the shell and dipping into drawn butter. The meat can also be removed and tossed in butter to be eaten over pasta with some of the crab 'fat' from the body.
While it is best eaten within a day or two, it can freeze well - just remove the legs from the main carapace and freeze for several months. The shells make a fantastic stock that can also be frozen for several months as well.

If you are refrigerating your cooked crab, try to keep it as cold as you can to maintain the freshness.

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