Point Reyes Farmstead

Point Reyes Farmstead TomaRashi - 6 oz



A refined take on pepperjack, togarashi chili powder is added to Point Reyes Farmsteads classic toma resulting in this super delicious and addictive cheese.  Imagine some mixed into your next mac n' cheese, on a burger, or your next cheese board!

We've created three distinctly different new flavored versions of our popular and endlessly versatile Toma.  That's right.  The rich texture and buttery flavor that makes Toma a true American original now comes in a selection of new flavors as unique as they are delicious. TomaRashi, with its blend of heat, umami and nutty flavors, is a total standout in our new Toma with Attitude lineup.  The key to the flavor is Schichimi Togarashi, a Japanese spice blend containing nori, toasted sesame, poppy and hemp seeds, chili flakes and ginger.  The result is a gentle heat that warms your palate gradually, making you want more! 

  • Made from pasteurized, rBST-free cows’ milk
  • Made with microbial (vegetarian) rennet
  • Gluten-free
  • Wedges are individually vacuum sealed
  • Semi-hard cheese, creamy in texture with a waxed rind


The perfect unexpected cheese for snacking and cooking! Melt TomaRashi into eggs, wrap it in seaweed for a snack, use it in all types of Mexican food, and definitely enjoy it with a gin & tonic or a light pilsner or Japanese style beer. 

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