Losada Gordal Olives (Pitted) - 168g

The Gordal olive, sometimes called Sevillano or Queen olive, is typical of the Seville region of Andalusia in southern Spain and produces a plump, large caliber oval fruit hence the name which translates to “the fat one.” Gordal are harvested in September and typically have a low yield. Because of their low oil content, they are not used in olive oil production but enjoyed as a table olive instead. Losada cure the pitted Gordal with lye and a neutral brine to achieve a balance between salinity and bitterness allowing the delicate flavor of this variety to come forward. As a large caliber pitted olive, these are excellent to stuff with cheeses, peppers, anchovies and garlic for appetizers, for use in olive breads, and for chopping into tapenade and sauces.

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