Losada Gordial Olives (Pitted) - 168g

The Gordal olive, sometimes called Sevillano or Queen olive, is typical of the Seville region of Andalusia in southern Spain and produces a plump, large caliber oval fruit hence the name which translates to “the fat one.” Gordal are harvested in September and typically have a low yield. Because of their low oil content, they are not used in olive oil production but enjoyed as a table olive instead. Losada cure the pitted Gordal with lye and a neutral brine to achieve a balance between salinity and bitterness allowing the delicate flavor of this variety to come forward. As a large caliber pitted olive, these are excellent to stuff with cheeses, peppers, anchovies and garlic for appetizers, for use in olive breads, and for chopping into tapenade and sauces.

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Marques de Valdueza
Extremadura, Spain
From the same producer as our Marques de Valdueza oil, the olives for Merula are from the second harvest of the year. The added time on the trees gives this oil its characteristic flavor and a higher smoke point. The name Merula comes from the Latin word for yellow-beaked black bird, a bird that populates the Alvarez de Toledo family estate.
Morisca, Arbequina, Picual, and Hojiblanca
This oil is characterized by a buttery feel that fills the mouth, as well as distinctive notes of green olives, cut grass, green almond and dried fruit.
A perfect oil for cooking or for finishing vegetable, meat, and even desserts.

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