Branzino Pocket Cut - ~1 lb


Our sustainably-farmed Branzino from Turkey is expertly pocket cut by our fishmongers to provide you with ultimate cooking convenience. This cut is perfect for stuffing and roasting. Each order includes one (1) whole Branzino, weighing roughly ~1 pound.

This is a whole fish. It arrives to you fresh, thoroughly cleaned, gutted, and scaled, with a pocket cut.


Origin: Turkey

Method of Capture: NA

Wild or Farmed: Sustainably Farmed

Store your seafood in the coldest part of the refrigerator for up to 3 days. We recommend removing the fillets from their packaging and wrapping them carefully in 2 layers of paper towels to absorb any moisture and firm the fish up for cooking and consuming. If you don’t plan to consume the fish within 3 days, simply place in the freezer. To thaw: place seafood in the refrigerator overnight.

Visit our blog to learn how to cook a Whole Fried Branzino with Chef Samir Mogannam of Beit Rima! 

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