Santa Barbara

Box Crab - Cooked


Experience the luxurious taste of locally-sourced, wild Box Crabs from the Santa Barbara Channel!

Expert chefs have praised the Box Crabs for their exquisite flavor, often likened to that of elite Alaskan King and Hokkaido Hairy Crabs. Captains Dave and Connor skillfully catch these crabs using whale-friendly traps in the deep waters off Santa Barbara.


These limited crustaceans are a rare and special addition to our seafood selection, with a soft shell that makes meat removal easier. Their legs are filled with large chunks of tender, buttery, and flaky meat, offering a satisfying texture and sweet taste. While cleaning these crabs is a simple task, it is highly rewarding due to the thin shells and plentiful meat. To make the process even easier and safer, consider using a fork, claw cracker, kitchen shears, and a mallet (as always when cracking crab, don't forget to protect your eyes!).


1 each crab per order. Average weight 1.5-2lb cooked. Arrives live to our warehouse, delivered to you fully cooked and ready to crack and eat! 


Box Crab is an emerging fishery in California. An experimental permit system is currently being explored as reported by Sea Grant California. Our crabs are harvested through a sustainable method that is safe for marine life, utilizing whale-safe traps off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA. 

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