Thunder Cove, PEI (CAN)

Black Magic Oysters - 10pc


Black Magic Oysters are a standout choice for their smooth salinity and unique vegetal finish.

With their plump body and velvety finish, Black Magic Oysters are a standout among chefs. These oysters are farmed for three years in the clean waters of Thunder Cove, PEI, and offer a high brine intensity that pairs perfectly with mezcal. Whether enjoyed raw or as part of a seafood dish, their crisp and succulent meats deliver a memorable taste experience. Try adding a drop of N25 caviar on top for a luxurious appetizer!

Flavor Profile: 

Smooth salinity with a pronounced vegetal finish.

Suggested Pairing:



Crassostrea virginica


Thunder Cove, PEI (CAN)


3 years

Average Size:

2.75 inches


High/Full Brine

Order Info:

Each order includes 10 each individual Black Magic Oysters. We deliver your oysters with sufficient ice and insulated packaging. Upon arrival, store your fresh oysters in the refrigerator (optional to cover with a damp cloth) and consume same day or within 1 day. Avoid airtight containers and always check for freshness before shucking.

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