Daimyo Binchotan Charcoal - 5lb


Binchotan Daimyo is made from hardest and most prized, hand picked oak branches in Korea and then baked in hand-built clay kilns at 1200° C. Following several century old methods made famous by Japanese craftsman in Wakayama, these Korean Master Craftsman have been making White Charcoal for almost as long. Using a technique called Pyrosis, these craftsmen limit the amount of oxygen inside the kiln which results in the carbon being captured in the wood. In addition to being 90% carbon at completion, the charcoal is rich in the minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. The Korean style of this fuel is slightly different than that of the Japanese however. The Korean craftsmen use a larger diameter branch that is more mature and has more mass. The extra mass allows the craftsmen to bake it longer and the result is larger, longer burning fuel which is preferred by many chefs. Binchotan, or White Charcoal is not actually white, it gets its name from the process used to quickly cool the charcoal when it is removed from 1200° clay kiln. Master craftsman shovel a mixture of sand, soil and ashes over the lava-hot charcoal to lock in all of the benefits of this method, resulting in a 90% carbon, mineral rich, slow burning, almost smokeless and nearly flavorless fuel. This charcoal is the preferred fuel of Japan's finest chefs for these qualities. Not the hottest fuel, but the most consistent in temperature and burn-time. The powerful infrared radiation of this fuel enables the chef to maximize the flavor and aroma of anything they cook over it.

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