Cape Cod Bay Scallops - 1/2lb


Sweet Cape Cod Bay Scallops from the Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts. 

These are arguably the sweetest scallop on the planet. 

A real treat of the season!  Very limited.  Often only found at fine dining and sushi restaurants, now you can enjoy these sweet morsels at home.

These are sushi-grade but are also a show-stopping treat when pan seared. 

To prepare, sear in a very hot pan spaced evenly apart and caramelize on two sides.  Remove scallops and add a shot of brandy.  Reduce, add a bit of stock or cream and a pad of butter.  Stir and reduce for a lovely pan sauce.

Roughly 15-20 pc per half pound. Which is approximately enough for a 2 person meal.

For sushi and sashimi preparations, consume the day of arrival for optimal freshness.

Otherwise, if you plan to prepare your Cape Cod Bay Scallops seared or cooked, do so within 1-3 days of arrival, and store in the coldest part of your refrigerator until that time. 

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