Acquerello 7 Year Risotto Rice - 500g

Quite simply some of the best Carnaroli rice that you will find in the world. The rice is grown and harvested on the Acquerello estate in the heart of Italy's Piemonte region.  The aging process stabilizes the rice's starch, resulting in improved flavor and texture.  It is whitened only with a patented helix method, a more gentle process which leaves the grain intact and with enhanced nutritional values.  Try making a risotto using our delicious mushrooms and some of our iberico bone broth.

Aged to perfection... only 1% of Aquerello rice is chosen for aging.




Rice is grown, harvested and packed at Tenuta Colombara



Only the rice grains that pass the 20 processing and selection steps become Acquerello. One of them is the helix, still considered the best method for rice whitening: rice grains rub one against the other, avoiding any damage.



Starch is stabilized, thus the rice grain will release less starch during cooking and will increase liquid absorbtion



Germ is the vital part of a rice grain. It contains most of the vitamins and micronutrients of rice. During whitening the germ separates from the rice grain, but thanks to a patented process we are able to restore it within the grain, enhancing its nutritional values.

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