Northern California (Humboldt County)

Fiddlehead Ferns - 1/2 lb


Another harbinger of Spring, Fiddlehead Ferns have a flavor similar to that of asparagus and can be cooked in the same manner.  We like to sauté, grill, or pickle them!  Do not consume raw.

A few important notes about Fiddlehead Ferns & their unique coloring:

  • Fiddlehead ferns, despite being recognized for their vibrant green appearance, actually start their season with a range of colors!
  • Their season begins in mid-March and lasts for two months. All fiddleheads, regardless of location, display a range of colors early on, such as green, reddish, and brownish tints. This is commonly referred to as the 'rainbow' stage of the fiddlehead.
  • During this rainbow stage, the flavor and texture of the fiddleheads remain exactly the same as it does in their later, greener stage.
  • As the season progresses into May, fiddleheads become more green in color, as shown in the picture above.
  • If you order a batch of fiddleheads and notice that they're sporting these rainbow colors, that's perfectly normal! They're supposed to be that way.
  • Visit our blog to learn more about this special 'rainbow' coloring that is so unique to fiddlehead ferns, and what sets them apart from other spring season greens. 

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