From Our Farms

Farmer's Market Produce Box-Small


Let us deliver the farmer's market to your door!

Indulge in the convenience and luxury of our small sized Farmer's Market Produce Box! Packed with 8-10 fresh, ripe, and locally-sourced items on the morning of your delivery, you'll be treated to a delightful assortment of seasonal fruits and veggies that satisfies all your weekly produce needs. Support local farmers and elevate your culinary experience with this exclusive produce box.



Due to the nature of seasonal and organic farming, weather, and other elements out of our farmer's control, each box is unique.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee a specific assortment of produce. Think of each box as a culinary surprise! You'll get the best, top-chef approved fruits and veggies direct from local farmer's markets.

If you're looking for an exact item, never fear! You can always shop our full produce selection here

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