Flannery Dry Aged Ribeye Steak USDA Prime - 12oz


Too us, these are the perfect steak. Whether you are grilling, pan-frying, pan-roasting, or cooking them sous-vide, you are going to love these Ribeyes.  Wonderfully marbled, the dry-aging adds the perfect amount of unctuous umami-rich flavor from the dry-aging process.


Flannery, a local purveyor, selects only the best cuts from California and Midwest cattle; dry aged in California by Flannery


USDA Prime, Dry Aged


The absolute personification of flavor. Cut from the Rib primal, this boneless cut is considered by many to be the most desirable steak (with the Rib Roast, from the same primal, the most desirable roast cut).
This stunner will approach the tenderness of the New York Strip, yet still deliver a depth of taste that's over the top, due to the dry aging process which further concentrates the flavor. While there is a bit more fat with this steak, the marbling maintains moisture (when not overcooked) that make it worth it for the taste and tenderness.

Unlike our California Reserve Ribeyes, these have a larger eye, so while a 12oz CA Ribeye might be 1 inch, a 12oz Midwest will cut at approx 3/4 inch. 


With a cut this flavorful, it would be a shame to mask the flavor of the dry aging with an overpowering marinade or sauce (leave those for the lesser cuts). This cut is perfect simply grilled and served with, at most, a compound butter or light sauce. 
Sear in a cast iron pan or broiled, simple methods bring out the natural flavor and put on full display the care involved in the dry aging process.

This is also an 'authentic cut' for a Philly cheesesteak: freeze the steak and slice very thinly. Quickly sauté the sliced steaks with onions and peppers, then let your guests duke it out over the proper cheese to pair it with: Cheez Whiz or Provolone

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