Marsalisi Organics

Meyer Lemon (Organic) - lb


Sweeter and less acidic than regular lemons, Meyer Lemons make their appearance in the Winter and last through Spring.  Don't forget to utilize the rind on this seasonal lemon, its much more complex in flavor than the rind on regular lemons.  Who doesn't love the brightness that they bring to seafood dishes?  Celebrate our California Citrus season with these beautiful lemons. When picked they're a pale yellow, as they get ripe they take on a fresh egg yoke color. 

They can be used in any preparation that calls for other lemons, but provides an added floral depth of flavor, which even holds up to heat if using them for a Meyer Lemon Butter sauce. Of course, they can be added to fruit salads, and the juice is fantastic in cocktails and mocktails.

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