Four Star Seafood

Ora King Salmon - 1 Side


One full side of perfectly pristine Ora King Salmon.

Meaty, buttery, and silky smooth on the palate. 

This legendary fish is the gold standard in Salmon and highly sought-after by chefs worldwide.

Great for large dinner parties! Also perfect for those of you that just enjoy eating salmon for dinner on a regular basis.


Our full sides come ready to cook and fully filleted and scaled.


For reference, one side yields roughly 6 portions (if you want to cut into fillets). Total weight of one side is approximately 3lbs. 

Eat the day it arrives or within 3 days of purchase. Then, cut the rest into smaller portions, place in airtight ziplock bags, and now you have your favorite Ora King Salmon ready and waiting for you in the freezer for any meal! 

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