Mieli Thun

Mieli Thun Bitter Strawberry Honey - 250g


Producer: Mieli Thun

Location: Vigo di Ton TN, Italy


Notes of roasted coffee, soil minerals, followed by the scent of cocoa beans, rhubarb and gentian, all in all a complex olfactory spectrum. The taste is characterized by a mild sweetness followed by bitter notes of plants such as chicory, moist tobacco leaf, cocoa beans, freshly cut wood and bitter roots. Its marker is homogentisic acid, absent in all other honeys.


In accompaniment to Jerusalem artichokes and cardoons by affinity, or in coffee or an infusion with bitter notes, capable of delivering seductive sensations paired with bittersweet chocolate of varying degrees of purity. in any unsweet cocktail, goes well with peat whiskey, chinotto and bitter orange.

in the kitchen

Added to any vegetable, bitter roots, artichokes and cardoons. prepare a cream with mascarpone, cream, bourbon vanilla and honey to go with some gaufre.

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