Flannery Dry Aged NY Steak USDA Prime - 12oz


For those who love a rich and tender steak without a ton of fat, we recommend this NY Steak.  Also known as NY Strip, this steak has a beautiful fat cap and generous marbling.  They are perfect for pan-searing, pan-roasting, and grilling.


Flannery, a local purveyor, selects only the best cuts from California and Midwest cattle; dry aged in California by Flannery


USDA Prime, dry aged by Flannery for a minimum of 4 weeks


Cut from the larger side of the T-bone steak, this cut is well marbled with a noticeable layer of fat on the outside which can keep it moist during cooking. Tremendous 'beefy' flavor and a characteristic 'chew', with marbling that makes it more forgiving than a filet mignon in terms of overcooking.

Superbly marbled and dry aged a minimum of 4 weeks; this is arguably the most popular of all the premier steaks. Hand cut and trimmed of excess fat, this steak presents a robust flavor with a texture close to fork tender.


This is a classic steakhouse cut that does well with simple cooking methods - grilled, seared in a cast iron pan, or boiled.

It does okay with sauces, but the sauce should not overpower the natural flavor of the steak, particularly with the care given by dry aging. Garlic butter, a compound butter, or rosemary oil is all it really needs to let the flavor and texture of the meat come through.


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