Four Star Seafood and Provisions

Caviar Service


Rich delicacy / Easy to serve / Great with champagne or chilled vodka 

Celebrate with Caviar!  (Pre-Order for Kaluga takes up to 48 hours) Serving hint: Warm the blini "mini pancakes" before topping with crème fraîche, luxurious caviar or buttery smoked salmon and chopped chive. Perfect on any occasion and New Years Eve.

Each kit contains:

Blinis, Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon, Crème fraîche, 1bu chives, 4oz Goldstein Smoked Salmon, and Meyer Lemon Biscuits for a sweet ending

Your choice of:

2oz Salmon Roe - Full flavor 

2oz Trout Roe - Nice pop 

2oz Paddlefish Roe - Herbaceous  

2oz CA White Sturgeon Caviar - Classic 

2oz Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar - Premium

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