Gingrass Smoked

Gingrass Smoked Steelhead - 4oz


Our primary focus is on top-quality cold-smoked sea trout. Very similar to Atlantic salmon, but with a deeper orange color, sea trout boasts a flavor that is slightly milder than salmon with a velvety smooth texture.

Like all superior-quality food products, our smoked steel head starts with the best ingredients available. Our steel head trout are raised by the Firda Seafood Group in Byrknesøy, Norway. The Gulf Stream flows along the Norwegian coast into the crisp, clean ice-cold water of the Arctic, creating ideal conditions for sea farming. Firda does not use any GMOs in any aspect of farming, nor do they use any antibiotics, drugs, or synthetic pigments in the steel head trout diet.

We slowly cure our fish in a proprietary blend of salt, sugar, spices, garlic, and herbs. We then smoke them over apple wood. Once finished, the smoked filets are chilled, hand-sliced, and packed. Because our cold-smoked fish is sliced entirely by hand, the slices are thin, velvety in texture, and nearly translucent. The flavor is a deliciously clean, pure, and lightly salty, with a light kiss of smoke and a delicately garlicky and herbaceous finish.

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