Aedan Fermented Foods

Aedan White Miso - 8oz


Sweet and mellow, white miso is the more common miso found in Japan. Aeden's white miso is made from organic soybeans, organic rice koji, and sea salt. It's great used in soups, marinades, and light sauces.


Rice Koji, Soybeans, Salt, water (gluten free)

"The most commonly produced miso from Japan, but made here in the Bay Area. Sweet, full of umami, and just the right amount of saltiness, this product is perfect for marinades, salad dressing, or soup (add at the last minute to keep some of the probiotic properties of miso that may be lost if boiled for too long)."

Recipe for Miso Carrot Dressing
9 tablespoons neutral oil
¾ cup rice vinegar
½ cup white miso
1 cup carrots shredded
1 inch ginger, peeled and diced
1 tblspoon sugar salt and pepper to taste
Puree in blender until liquid, add oil or vinegar to adjust seasoning and acid.

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