Mt. Lassen Trout Farm

Trout Fillet - Mt. Lassen - 6oz portion (pack of 2)

This trout fillet is sustainably farmed in the fresh water springs near the foothills of Mt. Lassen in Northern California.
Origin: Paynes Creek, California
Method of Capture: NA
Wild or Farmed: Sustainably Farmed
Partners with FishWise in Santa Cruz
Trout fillet is light salmon in color, thin and delicate filets. As a freshwater fish Trout can taste less salty than ocean fish with a very delicate meat and a long line of small pin bones that we removed for you.
Trout smokes beautifully with the smoke adding flavor and making the delicate meat nice and flakey. It also does well on the grill, or cooked whole then deboned. The filets pair well with simple butter sauces, and are really great as part of brunch.

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