Scallops, East Coast - per lb


Wild Caught 10/20 Scallops (average 15pc per pound) from a MSC approved fishery.  100% untreated.

**Seafood Watch**

Origin: Atlantic Ocean
Method of Capture: Pots
Wild or Farmed: Wild
MSC Certified fishery, MBA Best Choice

The best scallops will have an opaque, slightly pink or ivory tint and will look almost dry (a sign they have not been soaked). They are meaty, tender, and very sweet. These scallops have never been treated with sodium tripolyphosphate.

Scallops seared perfectly are a thing of beauty, brown and caramelized on the outside and slightly undercooked and moist in the middle. Overcooked they can get dry so they do well in a soup or chowder which helps keep them moist.

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