Petrale Sole Fillet - per lb


Local, wild, clean, simple and easy to cook!

Petrale Sole is one of our best sellers for a reason. This delicate flatfish, native to the Pacific Ocean, offers a mild, sweet, and buttery flavor with a flaky texture—making it the most flavorful and desirable of all the Pacific flounders! Perfect for grilling, baking, and sautéing, this sustainable fish is caught by our local fishermen along the west coast, particularly between Northern California and Oregon waters.

Each order of our Petrale Sole is hand-cut. The fillets arrive fresh, skinless, boneless and in 1lb portions. Serving size is approximately 2-3 fillets per 1lb.  


Origin: Pacific Coast: Between California and Oregon
Method of Capture: Purse Seine
Wild or Farmed: Wild

Best Choice according to MBA Seafood Watch
The fillets are flat, light and delicate with slightly pink bloodlines. Many chefs consider the Petrale Sole to be the most desirable of the Pacific flounders (true sole - the Atlantic genus Solea, are not found in the Pacific. Pacific flatfish are varieties of flounder and halibut). It is very delicate with a mild, sweet flavor and small flakes.
Because of the delicate nature of the flesh, Petrale sole does very well with the classic pan seared flatfish preparations - Meuniere, Grenobloise, anything with a light butter sauce is where this fish really shines. To feature another local and seasonal delicacy, try Petrale Sole stuffed with Dungeness crab.
Store your seafood in the coldest part of the refrigerator at 32 degrees for up to 3 days.
In the refrigerator we recommend removing the fillets from their packaging and wrapping them carefully in 2 layers of paper towels to absorb any moisture and firm the fish up for cooking and consuming.
If you don’t plan to consume the fish within 3 days, simply place in the freezer.
To thaw: place seafood in the refrigerator overnight.

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